5 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

When I think of spring, I am always hit with a wave of nostalgia. That initial burst of warmer weather, after months of cold and snow, it’s what dreams are made of. Just the smell of spring on the breeze (a mix of grass, mud and flowers) is a euphoric experience for me. Spring also marks the beginning of a new wardrobe, whether it be the stuff you put away when the leaves started to fall or new items you can’t wait to introduce to your closet, it is an exciting time.

In the spring, I usually like to incorporate lighter clothing (both the fabric’s weight and color) pastels, bright colors and bold patterns eclipse my usually neutral-dominated closet. Since the beginning of 2017, I opted to go with a seasonal capsule wardrobe, containing 30-50 items. This allows me to focus on items that are seasonally appropriate, everything goes together and I am able to minimize my daily decisions.

This spring I plan to incorporate color and pattern for my top half but I will stick to mostly black, white, grey and light blue when it comes to my bottom-half. This will allow me to easily coordinate bottoms with tops in my capsule. In the past I would’ve written this post based on this season’s must-have trends; that is, after all, what most of us look forward to at the start of the season. But since there are plenty of bloggers who write about this, I decided to take a different approach. Here are the items that, in my opinion, are important staples for any spring wardrobe (capsule or otherwise):

Favorite t-shirt:
There’s nothing wrong with being a ‘basic beech”,  a simple outfit can make a big impact. Having clothing that you want to wear over and over is a good thing, whereas buying things that don’t go with what you already own means you won’t wear it; essentially a waste of money. T-shirts are crucial pieces, you can wear them year-round and they come in every color you can think of.  My favorite t-shirt for spring is the Synergy Tissue Knit Boyfriend Tee in washed denim.

Photo Credit: Synergy  Clothing

Patterned scarf: This s a great transitional piece that can be worn year-round. As the temperatures start to creep up, you will want to shed the bulky coat in favor of thinner layers. A scarf in a bright color or pattern is a great accessory to add to an outfit when the mornings and evening are still a bit chilly and can be removed and stowed in your bag when it warms up. I prefer patterned scarves like this Denim Passion by Passion Lilie which is 100% vegan, hand-block stamped with plant-based dyes, fair-trade made in India. It ties together an otherwise basic outfit together and can help incorporate coordinating colors.

 Photo Credit: Good Cloth

White denim: White is a color that to me screams spring and summer. It is bright, goes with everything and looks great with sun-kissed skin. You can wear white in fall/winter but the warmer months is where white really shines. Having white jeans or a white denim jacket (or both) is a definite staple for any spring capsule. The only downside of white is that it’s white, and if you’re a slob like me, you’ll need to make sure you always have some OxiClean on-hand. Check out these beautiful white jeans by Levis from Arc Apparel (a Canadian online retailer):

Photo Credit: Arc Apparel.ca

Slip-on shoe: This may seem boring; but my shoe of choice is usually flats (even the name isn’t exciting). But after 6 months of wearing the same pair of winter boots, these flats seem to me like a roller coaster ride of risk and reward. I am not a huge heels lover and since I am average height (5’7″) I don’t feel the need to be taller so flats are my go-to shoe for spring. Even if you do like wearing heels at the office, try wearing flats for the commute and then switching to heels at your desk, your feet will thank you! These flats by OKA B are ethically produced in the USA, they are washable (dishwasher or washing machine), one-piece durable design, recyclable, ergonomic and come in a bunch of colors, love these!

Photo Credit: Good Cloth

Lightweight cardigan: This item has similar benefits to the scarf. Did you ever notice how overly air conditioned some places can be in the summer? Yep, me too. That’s why I pretty much always have a cardigan on-hand, that way when I go somewhere cold I don’t have to suffer. A light-weight cardigan, like this organic cotton one by Synergy Clothing is a great layering piece for spring because it will go easily under a blazer or trench. A soft, thin cardigan like this Tissue Knit Wave by Synergy Clothing  is a piece that can stay in your wardrobe throughout the year.

Photo Credit: Synergyclothing.com

There are so many other items that can be named for spring but for me these are the foundation of a coordinated wardrobe. I hope you enjoyed this article and please share below! Happy Spring shopping everyone!

Note: This post was not sponsored and I did not receive any compensation for featuring these brands. 

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