Project 333: Week 5 OOTD

Wow, I cannot even believe that I have made it through another week of my Project 333 Challenge with no outfit repeats! This is definitely my longest challenge, and also the longest I have ever gone without wearing anything new.

 In my last update I mentioned my purchase from Synergy Clothing of some new staples for my spring capsule, I am so happy with all the items I chose. Want to hear the crazy thing about this last purchase? The old me would be constantly checking my tracking status, going out to the mailbox in search of packages and thinking about the new clothing 24/7. That’s how bad my addiction to buying and receiving new things had become. This time, I was mindful that it was coming, I was excited to receive it but I wasn’t “needing” it like I used to. I did try the clothes on right away to make sure they fit properly (thankfully everything fit perfectly) but now they are sitting patiently in my closet as I curate my next capsule and and wait for spring.

As this first closet challenge comes to a close, I am able to reflect on what I liked and didn’t, what I have learned and what I will do differently the second time around. My favorite part was just that; wearing all the things I truely like rather than trying to rotate through all the items I own out of guilt. Putting away things I’m not crazy about doesn’t mean that I’m getting rid of them or will never wear them again. It means that they aren’t right in my current capsule, which has it’s own theme and color palette, but they may work beautifully in a capsule down the road.

I did find it much easier to get dressed in the morning, I was often excited to go and choose my outfit each night for the next day. Posting daily on Instagram has challenged me to think of new combinations and also to re-discover my love for the app. I wasn’t as strict in this challenge with shoes, accessories and outerwear; if I’m honest I may have had more than the 33 items if I totalled it all up. Next time I plan to have closer to 50 items but it will include my shoes and accessories (this may be hard to narrow down as I have way more summer footwear!)

What I have come away with is a better understanding of my relationship with my clothing. I am now making more of an effort to appreciate what I have to buy fewer and better things (that’s actually the Cuyana slogan but it is true for me) and I think I am feeling less of an urge to shop because after watching The True Cost, I know that Fast Fashion isn’t what I want to spend my money on anymore.

Have a great week and feel free to tweet me any questions you may have!

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