4 Fashion Bloggers To Follow Now

Is there anything better than sitting down on a Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and your favourite fashion blog? Nope. For me, fashion blogs are essential for outfit inspiration and to stay in the loop on current trends. Here is a round-up of the top four  fashion blogs that I can’t stop reading. Let me know some of your favorites in the comments below!

1. Happily Grey – Mary Seng

Photo Credit: Happily Grey

ary of Happily Grey has an undeniably cool aesthetic; her style is unique and she always manages to be on-trend without being predictable in her outfits. She has a distinct, mostly-neutral color-palette, choosing to play around with different textures and experiment with a variety of silhouettes. Her site is very visual; heaps of beautiful outfit photos and short but sweet reading material. I love Mary’s blog because she is a fashion-chameleon, she doesn’t hesitate to mix different styles, and is brave enough to stand out in the crowd. I am always inspired by her looks and totally envious of her quality, high-end wardrobe. (Source: Happilygrey.com)

2. Un-Fancy – Caroline Joy Rector

Photo Credit: Un-Fancy

If you’re like me and love a good capsule wardrobe, you need to check out Un-Fancy. Here, Caroline takes you through the ins and outs of creating and maintaining a sustainable closet. She has a beautiful, fresh, minimalist blog that is jammed packed with all the info you’ll need to start putting together your very own capsule wardrobe. Through her blog she shares her own wardrobe experiments, her capsules and even invites her readers to participate in wardrobe challenges like the Spring Remix 10×10 Wardrobe Challenge. Un-Fancy and Cladwell even offer a Capsule Builder App for $5 (USD I’m guessing) a month, which can help you generate a customized capsule based on your needs and lifestyle. Don’t have that extra cash to drop on the app? No worries! She also has a free, printable wardrobe planner which can give you a jumping-off point to start your own fabulous capsule. Oh, and most importantly she is a supporter of sustainability in fashion, big thumbs up. (Source: Un-Fancy.com)

3. Style Bee– Lee Vosburgh

Photo Credit: StyleBee

In 2015, Lee of Style Bee was a woman on a mission. To simplify her closet, to hone in on her personal style and to live a better life with less stuff. She then embarked on a “Lean Closet Mission” for which she created a series of workbooks that have helped her and her readers to achieve harmony in their wardrobe She delves into theory behind why we shop and how to shop smarter; she writes about how to define your style and how to come up with your color-palette; she explores print and pattern, shape and fit as well as how to clean-up your closet and shop responsibly. Basically her site is chalk-full of interesting fashion know-how that could keep you busy reading for hours on end. Her style could be described as minimalist and classic; she always looks smart, polished and most importantly – comfortable. (Source: Stylebee)

4. Blair Badge

Photo Credit: Blair Badge

Now here is a chick that knows her style. Her outfits are always neutral (black, white, grey, beige and denim blue), pretty minimal and she pulls off cool every time. Rather than use a lot of color or bold patterns she focuses on the shape, silhouette and fit of the clothing she wears. Every garment fits her body perfectly, she exudes confidence; obviously very comfortable with her own brand of style. I imagine looking into her wardrobe and seeing order, monochromatic organization and an unrivaled harmony of neutrals. One thing that stands out about her blog is the amazing photography. The choice of backgrounds are perfect; completely basic and uninteresting (concrete, brick, a chain-link fence and more concrete) which  works beautifully. There is not a ton of written content on her blog, not many articles or advice but it makes up for the lack of words with its incredible sartorial stimulation. (Source: BlairBadge)



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