How to Style: A White Denim Jacket

Hello everyone! I’ve finally done it, this past Saturday I went out with my photographer, (aka my sister) the lovely Megan and shot some OOTD photos. I have been wanting to add more of my own photos to the blog for quite some time but now that we have a new camera (Nikon D5600) and warmer weather, there are no excuses!

In this look I am wearing a sleeveless, floral blouse from Old Navy (purchased last spring before I decided to move in a more sustainable fashion direction), black skinny jeans from Old Navy, and a white denim jacket from (you guessed it) Old Navy. In case you’re now wondering, hmmm was this post sponsored by Old Navy? No, and I didn’t intend to have a single brand look but I did once have a Fast Fashion shopping addiction… My shoes are Toms (vegan version), my sunnies are Diff Eyewear (a prezzie from my sis, thanks Megs!) and my purse is Marc by Marc Jacobs.

I hope you like this look and please see below to shop for same or similar items from this look!



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