Wedding Season Is Here: Gift Giving 101

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Well folks it’s official, wedding season is upon us and I am definitely excited to help some very good friends celebrate their upcoming nuptials. Over the month of June, I will have a mini series of posts dedicated to ideas for how to be the best-dressed guest at the wedding and one of the best accessories you can have is a kick-ass gift so here is a little guide to gift-giving for weddings.

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Now that we’re in the midst of wedding season and everyone’s scrambling to get in their RSVPs, finding the best outfit for the occasion, and of course, trying to figure out what to buy the newlyweds is top priority!

If you’re like me, and don’t exactly excel in the gift giving department, here are some helpful, fool-proof tips.

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1. First things first, check the couple’s wedding registry! This will have everything the couple wants and needs. If you buy something off the registry, then you never have to ask yourself “is this something they would really want?” Also, the sooner you buy off the registry, the better. You don’t want all the good gifts to be taken!

2. Spend what you can! Weddings are expensive enough, and the couple isn’t expecting you to break the bank on their special day. Most registries will have gifts from every price point, but if you want to get them a bigger item, get some friends together and contribute towards a group gift.

3. Lastly, if tangible gift giving isn’t necessarily your thing, don’t worry about it! You can never go wrong with sending the couple a cheque, or contributing to the couple’s cash or honeymoon fund. While there’s still some debate out there on whether this is “tacky,” trust me, the couple will be grateful.

What are your gift giving tips? Let me know in the comments!



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