Fall Style: A Classic Leather Moto Jacket

Autumnal weather has finally descended on Ottawa, after a record-breaking September heatwave. The extended summer weather was nice (read: sweaty) but I am definitely welcoming the fresh, crisp fall air and cooler temperatures. It gives me the opportunity to wear some of my favorite items from my recent post, “7 Must-Have Fashion Items for Fall” such as ankle boots, scarves, sweaters and of course; my leather moto jacket.

This is not a new trendy item, we always need a jacket when the weather turns cooler and leather jackets are more or less a staple in any girl or guy’s closet but since I went a few years without one, this year it is a big item for me. There are many different styles of leather jackets out there; biker/moto, bomber, blazer, denim-style button down, leather trench and even a leather parka (Source: Slideshare). You can opt for real leather or faux leather like the one I got from Vero Moda.

There are endless ways in which to style your choice of leather jacket but here are a few ideas that I came up with for creating fresh, unexpected fall looks with a moto-style jacket:

Layered over a sweater or sweatshirt: The fall season is all about layering pieces, not only does it keep you toasty warm, it also creates depth and interest to your look. I bought my leather jacket one size larger than I typically wear, I did this for two reasons; first reason is that I like to be able to move my arms comfortably, leather can be a bit stiff. The second reason is so I could easily layer it over a t-shirt or a bulky sweaters, this will give it way more mileage in my fall wardrobe.

Worn with a dress or skirt: I’m a big fan of contrast when dressing lately, I never like my look to be fully dressy, grungy, tough or sweet. Instead, I prefer to mix these styles together to give balance to the look. A pretty, lace dress looks great when topped with a leather jacket, or pair a plain white t-shirt with a pleated midi skirt and leather jacket for a tough yet sweet outfit.

Wear it with heels: Another look I love is to wear  basic or ripped skinny jeans (grey or faded black are my current favs) with a t-shirt or blouse topped with my leather jacket and finished off with a pair of heels. Wearing this look with heels rather than flats makes the jacket a bit dressier and would be perfect for a more casual night out.

Want to shop the look?

There you have it, a few different ideas for how to wear this fall staple, check out my other fall fashion post “Fall Style: A Sporty Crew Neck Sweater” for more fall fashion styling ideas and Instagram for OOTD updates.



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