6 Tips For Killer Spring Style

Spring Style

Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.  -John Fairchild

Spring and summer are fashion’s time to shine (literally). Unless you live somewhere with hot weather year round or really love sweater-weather, spring and summer are the most sought-after seasons. Swapping our beanies, teddy bear coats and clunky winter boots for rompers, tees, shorts and bikinis fill us with glee but it’s more than just showing skin. It’s the colors, patterns and textures of the fabrics that breathe fresh air and life into our everyday wardrobes.

When prepping for this article I took to Pinterest for some inspiration and I came across so many examples of designers, brands and influencers nailing this season’s top trends. One of the key features I noticed in many of the examples I saw was mixing textures. Layering sheer fabrics over opaque was a strong theme as well as mixing patterns and lots of flowers, flowers, flowers.

Looking forward to the next season means the opportunity to do some shopping and though it would be nice to be able to go online or to the mall and drop thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe, it’s not really practical nor is it necessary to look great this spring. There are a few main principles that can be applied to your wardrobe and which can help you to look your best when the weather turns warmer.


Do Inventory:

Before you head to the shops, raid your closet. Remove anything that is no longer weather-appropriate, by packing them away you not only make space for new items, you give yourself space to actually see what you have to work with for the current season. Sell, donate and throw away any items that you haven’t worn in a few full calendar years, stained items, or pieces that are falling apart and cannot be mended.

Get Inspired:

As I mentioned above, when in doubt on what to wear or how to wear it, always seek inspiration. Pinterest, Instagram, Vero and even traditional magazines are a great place to start looking for outfit ideas that you can mimic using your own current wardrobe. They can also give you an idea of which items are trending and which styles are passé (if this is something that you care about). Once you have decided on the look you are going for you can start shopping. Don’t be afraid to step back in time for some ideas either. I have gained tremendous style inspiration by watching movies from the 80’s and 90’s. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Clueless and Empire Records are a few that have spoke to me style-wise. Fashion is cyclical so all things come back around in some form.

Shop selectively:

Shopping is a beautiful thing. If I could have a spree once a week and money was no object, I would be in my own personal heaven. When warmer temperatures begin to move into our reality, the lure of purchasing a whole new wardrobe can be tempting so it is important to plan ahead and shop strategically. After clearing out your winter gear and purging the items that no longer bring joy to your life, you should have a pretty good idea of what you have to work with and also where the holes exist in your wardrobe. Make a list of all the items you want to include in your spring/summer closet and stick to the list when you start your shopping, whether online or in-store.

Create a Capsule Wardrobe:

Want to make your warm-weather dressing simple? Try making yourself a capsule wardrobe, choosing a set amount of items for a specified amount of time (I have been doing 15-20 item weekly capsules) and making all your outfits out of that set of items. The benefits to doing this are it can break you out of a style-rut, make your day-to-day outfit planning easy and allow you to highlight new items in your closet. There are no set rules for this so you can create your own parameters or search online for ideas on how to set it up. You can also check out my top five tips for creating the perfect Capsule Wardrobe

Experiment with layers:

One way to maximize the items you have in your wardrobe, to add depth and interest to your everyday looks is to layer. The more you can layer items over one another in a way that is not bulky or heavy, the more styling options you will have and the more mileage you will get out of your clothing. Keep proportion in mind when layering, for example, if you are wearing skinny jeans or leggings, try a boxy or oversized top or sweater. By doing this, you are balancing the proportions and it will add a “layer” of interest to your look.

Kill it with confidence:

This is always the key to make any good outfit great. Having the confidence to wear what you like and what you think looks good on you will always be the magic ingredient to pull off any outfit. If you wear something because it looked good on someone else or because you think that other people will think it looks good, you are missing the point of getting dressed. The reason to dress up is for the person you see in the mirror every morning, the only person you really need to impress and please is you, yourself. If you make sure that you are happy with your style and feel good in what you are wearing, most others will likely think the same and will probably let you know it too.

The road to discovering your personal style is not about the destination but the journey itself. Listen to your intuition and you will always know what to wear and when. I hope that this article is helpful and I look forward to seeing photos of your spring Capsules and OOTDs, please tag me on Instagram so I can follow along!







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