How To Style: A Summer Dress

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What a summer it has been! The weather in Ottawa has been hot, sunny and breezy with just enough rainfall to keep the grass green. Even though the summer flew by and we are quickly closing in on back to school time, not to worry though, there’s still plenty of nice warm weather to come. Don’t put away those summer dresses yet ladies!

One of my favourite pieces this summer has been the classic sundress and before I trade in my summer wardrobe for a fall one, I want to squeeze in as many sundress outfits as I can. 

Sundresses come in many different shapes, styles, patterns, colours and textures so the possibilities for this trend are endless. When choosing a sundress take into consideration the areas on your body you want to accentuate. Patterns are almost always synonymous with sundresses; I like vertical stripes, polka dots, leopard print and of course the classic floral.

Megan Cameron Photography

There are any number of ways you can style just one sundress, you can go fancy with heels and a clutch, casual with sandals and a mid-size satchel. or my personal favorite street with sneakers and a mini cross-body bag.

Here is how I styled this beautiful striped, button up sundress by Japna I picked up last month at Marshall’s. 

Megan Cameron Photography
Megan Cameron Photography
Megan Cameron Photography

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