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“In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is simplicity.” –Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We all go through it, maybe at 30 or at another time in our life but it happens. A style identity crisis, you peer into your closet, look at your clothing and you think, “I don’t know what to wear”. It’s not so much a problem of lacking in “something” to wear but rather “which thing” to wear. 

Throughout our lives we develop a certain relationship with our clothing and with our bodies. Our bodies change over the years, they get taller, stronger, bigger, smaller, they have babies and they are basically put through the wringer, especially after we turn 30. Our style, on the other hand, is not something that always evolves alongside our bodies. It is essentially a mass of clothing that we buy, wear, wash and repeat. Some of us may be proactive enough to reevaluate its (our closet’s) contents every so often and purge old items we no longer need but the majority of us are constantly adding new items without clearing or considering how the new items will fit in.

We also tend to go through phases of style; in our teens and twenties we tend to dress up more, follow trends, put in a bit more effort. Then we celebrate moving into our thirties, we may have children, we juggle busy lives and we start to value comfortable style above all else (pretty sure Athleisure was invented by busy moms who didn’t have time to worry about their style errryday.

This may work fine for most people but after a while it may dawn on you that you used to be very stylish before turning 30, you used to dress up for work or for a night out with the ladies and with all the new trends out there you wouldn’t know where to begin. This is definitely how I felt after having my two girls, becoming a busy mom meant I just wanted to make sure I got dressed in the morning and was comfortable, style was the furthest thing from my mind. Eventually as they grew older and I regained my autonomy, I began to wonder where my style had disappeared to.

Why is style important? Style is simply a way of wearing clothing that feels good to you. It’s meant to be a way to enjoy fashion, to appreciate it. Fashion is the clothing, style is how you put the clothing together. That’s the beauty thing about style, it is completely individual and totally customizable. Are there trends? Sure. Are they wearable in your thirties, forties, fifties? Absolutely. You just have to put your own spin on things. You do need a few things though, and everyone has these so don’t worry. 

Here are some shots of my take on the Leopard Print Trend worn on my recent trip to Paris. I kept things pretty simple with the colour palette since the print was bold and I made the look a bit tougher with a moto jacket and more casual by wearing sneakers. I brought a very limited wardrobe, washed and re-wore most items and used the same accessories for all my looks. This not only saved us space but made my daily decisions and helped add consistency to my photos which I later added to my Instagram. (I’m over 30 by the way and I feel my style has improved as I have gotten older!)


Shop The Look

Shop The Look


Confidence: This is the magic ingredient in any outfit. If you are unsure, don’t feel comfortable, second-guess yourself, the outfit loses much of its clout. How can you feel confident in what your wearing? Make sure it’s something that YOU like 100%, and stop caring what everyone else thinks of it. The beauty of not considering what others will think of your look? When people fully embrace themselves and their style, stand behind it and don’t worry what people think; those other people take notice.

Trends: So how are trends set? A designer creates the clothing based upon what they think is awesome, then someone in the fashion spotlight wears it without worrying about standing out and voila, it catches on to the masses. Building a wardrobe around trends alone is futile, they don’t always hold up over time and can be a waste of money long term. Instead try to incorporate trends strategically, even just the essence of a trend can work, and stick to classic, well made items for the bulk of your wardrobe.

Structure: Planning is key. Plan to clear out anything you don’t wear and love. Plan to create a capsule wardrobe or a week’s worth of outfits. Identify your favourite items of clothing and build around those. 

Intuition: Listen to your inner style guru, she’s there.  Maybe you think you don’t have an intuition but it’s there and if you follow it you will be guided to the clothing that is right for you and to create the outfits that you will feel great in.



***These are items I found that are inspired by items from my recent Capsule Wardrobes. It’s kind of like having your very own Virtual Personal Shopper! If you choose to shop, please be aware that there are affiliate links and I receive a small percentage of each sale. I appreciate your support in allowing me to keep creating amazing, free style content for you!


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