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Women's Show

*Disclaimer: I have not been paid by any of these brands to speak about their products, all opinions are my own. I was given tickets to attend the Women’s Show in exchange for a post detailing my experience.

Fall is in full swing and that means The NATIONAL WOMEN’S SHOW is back in Ottawa bringing us another edition of “The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out”. Iin April I covered the Spring National Women’s Show which took place in downtown Ottawa at The Shaw Centre. This time I headed out to Ottawa South near the airport, where the show took place at The EY Centre.

I arrived a bit before the official opening of The National Women’s Show at 10:00 am and had a look around while the exhibitors were setting up. The show was set up in one big exhibition hall and organized into aisles, mostly according to the various categories (health & wellness, fashion, beauty, food, etc.) All the booths were well set up and their exhibitors were all very friendly and happy to share their brand with me.

One of my favourite things about attending this event is the positive atmosphere, everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Vendors were too busy selling and chatting to be pushy or sales-y with their wares. People were there to shop, eat and have a good time. While I was there, the aisles became pretty packed but everyone remained jovial and polite in their demeanor despite the tight conditions. 

There were quite a few Brands that I remember seeing at the Spring show but there were also many new ones as well. The ones that stood out to me, that I thought you would enjoy and had time to chat with me about their brand were the ones I chose to feature in this post. I hope you enjoy these brands as much as I did and have a chance to check them out and follow on social media. Enjoy!



Women's Show
Beautiful Stoneware pipes with gold leaf edges in a variety of colours.
Women's Show
Cannabis leaf jewelry, gold rolling papers and gold key chain roach clips
Women's Show

“Pretty Lit is a progressive e-boutique in Canada, hinging on all things pretty and cannabis related. Feminine designs and positive vibes are our central focus at Pretty Lit, where we aim to elevated your cannabis ritual.” Source: Pretty Lit

“Founded by Eleni Papadopoulos from Ottawa, Canada, this Pretty Lit space was created with the modern female toker in mind. From handcrafted ceramic stonerware to pretty pre-roll cones, our wide range of quality products were thoughtfully curated to add a feminine touch to your elevated lifestyle.” Source: Pretty Lit

Meeting the Pretty Lit Team was a pleasure, they were enthusiastic and passionate about their products and being able to make their debut into the mainstream (Canada officially legalized Cannabis on October 18, 2018).

Their wares offered at The Women’s Show were not only beautiful but will also go a long way to changing the stigma of smoking cannabis from teenagers in a garage to adults looking for a way to unwind from their stressful, busy lives and look great while doing it. Keep an eye on this brand, they’ll be big! Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter, doing so will get you 10% off your first purchase.


Women's Show
Women's Show
Women's Show
Women's Show

This was a brand I was excited to see at The Women’s Show, having first been introduced to WHITESPACE GOODS through Instagram a few weeks prior to the show and their brand aesthetic and beautiful knitted products stood out to me. Meeting brand owner Ioana was so sweet, she shared the background of how she got started (learning to knit from her grandmother) and even helped me choose a scarf for myself.

Her booth was impeccably styled and she had a team of beautiful girls helping her out. Her textiles are incredibly soft, offer a beautiful colour palette and offer the sort of quality you’d expect from a local artisan.

Upon further research WHITESPACE GOODS’ website, I see that owner Ioana shares many of my values for sustainable, ecological and ethical practices when creating her products.

Whitespace Goods strives to create products that will withstand wear and that minimize the environmental impact. It’s time to reconnect with your possessions, rather than viewing them as quick trends or throwaway items.” Source: Whitespace Goods

“Not all materials are made equally when it comes to sustainability or ethical treatment. We source products that certified which requires producers and the animals to be treated with care.” Source: Whitespace Goods 

STELLAR CULTURE & PRODUCTS: We take pride in the time and effort it takes to develop a new product or pattern. We are continuously researching new techniques and eco-friendly products to set the bar higher. Source: Whitespace Goods

GIVING BACK “Whitespace Goods believes in the power of giving back to the community — without you, there is no us. Out of season products are donated to local shelters and hospitals.” Source: Whitespace Goods

Bottom line, these are some of the warmest, coziest and most stylish pieces you can have for fall/winter, I highly recommend them.


If you know me well, you’ll not be surprised to see me featuring a natural skincare brand. The truth is, 10 years ago I became aware that certain ingredients in beauty products (body, hair and makeup) were not great for my body and so I endeavored to purchase and use more naturally sourced products in my routine, particularly products that would be applied to and absorbed into my skin.

This brand caught my eye at The National Women’s Show because of their beautiful set up, their wide range of natural skincare products and their friendly and helpful brand members, who were more than happy to talk to me about the products and answer my questions.

The brand, created by Solis Nahum of Montreal, was an answer to the world’s need for access to natural products whose labels were easy for the average consumer to read and decode. Source: L’atelier Candid

“The Candide workshop offers natural and organic cosmetics, each one with the knowledge that it was created with simplicity and integrity. We wish to bring the best of nature to your doorstep, making it easy for you to take care of yourself and your loved ones with no health risks.” Source: L’atelier Candid

“While we are striving to give preference to local, Canadian products, The Candide workshop is open to offering the best products. Wherever our products are made, where we value our share of our values ​​and commitments. All of our suppliers engage in ethical, respectful and environmentally friendly practices and refrain from conducting tests on animals.” Source: L’atelier Candid


Women's Show
Women's Show
Women's Show

With the advent of smart phones, there is no longer the need for a watch but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear one. The watch is one of those accessories that has stood the test of time (literally). It is an accessories that comes in many different colours and styles, it can add interest to any outfit and if you do happen to find yourself without your phone (like when the battery dies) it is handy to have a watch.

These watches, Designed in Canada, are something special. Rather than being crafted out of the usual material: metal, they are made from wood. BONHEUR uses Olive wood  from Italy & Greece, Purpleheart Wood from South America, Ebony & Zebra Wood from South Africa, Koa Wood from Hawaii, Sandal Wood from India, Maple & Walnut Wood from Canada, and Wenge Wood from the Republic of Congo. Source: BONHEUR

BONHEUR Exotic Wood Timepieces are inextricably linked to the visionary spirit of Jay A & his team of artisans. Love local? Born in Toronto, ON Canada, we specialize in Canadian manufacturing of ‘one of a kind’ timepieces for the watch connoseur. The name Bonheuris derived from French meaning Happiness, Good time & Good hour. The logo is a Caltrava Cross, used for centuries as a symbol of strength. Source: BONHEUR


If you’re interested in a beautiful, Canadian-made wood timepiece head over to BONHEUR, they currently have a Halloween sale offering $10 off and free shipping. (PROMO CODE HALLOWEEN, Oct. 24-31)


Women's Show
Women's Show
Women's Show

This was the first clothing/textile booth I happen upon as I began to weave my way through the aisles of products and services. I had arrived slightly before opening and although this booth was fully set up (and looking amazing might I add) it was unattended.

I was immediately vaulted into a sort of textile heaven, and being the sucker for aesthetics that I am, I made myself right at home and began taking pictures (admittedly some of the best I took all day, probably because I was alone and my amateur photography inhibitions lowered). The colours and patterns were stunning, the textures were soft and comforting; it was a truly sensory experience.

They offer a wide range of textiles from alpaca throws and blankets to kimonos, wraps and scarves, they run the gamut of home, apparel and accessories. My personal favourites were the turkish blankets, they are 100% cotton, made in Turkey, machine washable & dryable and feature a beautiful diamond-lined pattern. This is one to put on the holiday list for sure!

“POKOLOKO is a fairly-traded distribution company dedicated to the discovery of high-quality, premium clothing & home decor products sourced directly from the skilled artisans that make them.” Source: POKOLOKO

“We believe there are ethical ways of doing business that can and will change the world.” Source: POKOLOKO

Well if that isn’t a positive and powerful mission statement, I don’t know what is and with free shipping on all orders over $75 in North America you can’t really go wrong. Plus, sign up for their newsletter and receive 20% off your first order.


Women's Show
Women's Show
Women's Show

Now this is a sustainable brand with heart; designing small-batch leisure apparel for women and men,  designed and sewn using rolls of fabric leftover from other clothing manufacturers in a small fair-trade workshop in Lake Chapala, Mexico.

Brand founder Lucia Sol was more than happy to explain her brand’s philosophy, supply chain processes and style implications that this brand can have on busy, active people looking for a versatile and stylish wardrobe. Lusia explained how their fabrics are sourced and all the designs are carefully planed around the fabrics they have chosen.

Nothing is left to waste, scraps of leftover fabrics are woven by local women into beautiful scarves and extra pieces of material sewn into bags used to transport the clothing to their new owner.

“At Uranta, we create clothes for an active lifestyle. We make creative and fun clothes, meticulouly stitched with love in small batches at our fair trade workshop in Mexico: high quality, comfortable, and functional.” Source: Uranta

“Our clothes are made for people who celebrates their life through the inspiration delivered by movement. People who like to dance, stretch, sweat, jump and clap through every moment of their lives.” Source: Uranta

“We promote a healthy lifestyle committed to the community and the environment. We want everyone in society to become more aware of their surroundings, of what they consume, and how their actions impact the planet.” Source: Uranta

Mindful design and manufacturing meets fashion and style? I’ll definitely take a side of that!


Women's Show
Women's Show
Women's Show

Now here is a brand of all trades! They offer a wide range of funky products such as round towels, messy bun beanies,  boot socks, pop sockets, soy candles and natural skincare products. 

The booth at The National Women’s Show looked great and the staff tending the booth were fun and friendly, happy to pose for a photo when asked. I love the fun patterns of the towels, these are perfect for a picnic or a day at the beach. The boot socks they sell are also offered in a bunch of exciting patterns, Audrey has already requested a pair of the unicorn ones!

Our eco-friendly microfiber towels were designed with TLC. We have spent time to create these fun and trendy designs that everyone will love! Our versatile towels are great for the beach, pool, yoga, gym curling up by the fire and much more… Source: COWGIRL UP WITH GREEN

I wasn’t able to find out very much information on the company itself as there was no About page and there were some broken links on the FAQ page. Their main page says; “a horsey girl and a traveler trying to live green.” Regarless, they have fun, bright, funky products that would be great as gifts this coming holiday season.



When it comes to the accessories game, handbags are my ride or die. Give me a good handbag over a beautiful pair of shoes any day, heck, I’d even go barefoot for the right bag. That being said, I couldn’t pass the  
DE LOVÉT booth at The National Women’s Show without stopping in for a closer look.

These genuine leather handbags are sleek, simple and stylish. The had a classic, almost vintage feel but with a modern twist. They were not overly flashy or loud but they surely had presence. My favourite models were the Chandro Jet Bag in black, the Valencia Block Chain Maxi in red, the Adria Block Bag in orange and the Verista Firestone Bag in white.

“DE LOVÉT, founded in 2017 by Loveth Ezeifeka in Toronto, delivers boldly elegant and modern premium handbags. We believe that style should be functional and timeless.” Source: DE LOVÉT

“DE LOVÉT is french for “from Loveth”. From the practical sizes of our bags to the placement of interior pockets, every aspect of a DE LOVÉT handbag is designed to add value to your everyday life. We only use the most premium materials and continuously work to ensure that our supply chain is ethical and socially responsible. Our business counts a growing number of partnerships in Africa, Europe and North America.” Source: DE LOVÉT

So if you’re looking for an elegant bag to accompany you to a variety of events this upcoming holiday season, DE LOVÉT has you covered.


Women's Show
Women's Show
Women's Show

Sometimes you need a bit more out of life than material possessions. There may come a point where retail therapy doesn’t cut it anymore. Sometimes you need to discover more about yourself, to find a way to free yourself from the daily pressures of a busy life, to learn tools to help yourself and your kids feel your best, all you need is a little help.

Certified Life Coach & Speaker, International Yoga Teacher & Trainer, Leadership Coach, Workshop & Retreat Facilitator, Visionary Artist, Poet & Sound Healer, Cezarina Trone pretty much runs the gamut of spiritual guru.

Upon meeting Cezarina at The National Women’s Show, I immediately sensed her calming presence as she chatted to me about her work and the many helpful services she offered. As a yogi for the past 16 years, I was very interested to hear about her yoga teaching practice for children. She showed me some of the mindfulness card sets she makes, her art and her coaching practice.

Interested in becoming a yoga instructor? Want to try a coaching session with Cezarina to discuss certain aspects of your life or relationships? Head to CEZARINATRONE for more information.

Well that’s it! If you read through that whole post, you’re my hero because it was long… But these were truly the most standout brands of this show and I only want to share with you the best of the best.

Have you heard of any of these brands? Did you attend the Women’s Show? Let me know in the comments! A special thanks to THE NATIONAL WOMEN’S SHOW for inviting me to blog for the show and to my giveaway winners who won a free pair of tickets to the show. 

Women's Show


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