Resolutions for Style 2019

Style Resolutions? What the hell do I need those for?

Some people don’t believe in setting resolutions in general so why do I think style resolutions for 2019 are so important? Read on my friends, read on.

What a fucking year. Pardon my french but there’s no other way to describe it. 2018 has been a massive year in so many ways. I can feel people’s energy these days pulsing with positivity, creativity and a sense of community. We’re all in this together after all.


This was the year that mental health awareness and acceptance finally broke free. Instagram has been chalk-full of people being themselves (as much as possible on social media) and speaking up about what they are ACTUALLY going through, mentally, emotionally and physically.

For me? This year has been a complete journey of rediscovering myself. Who I am, how I feel and what I want to do with my brand. When I look back to the person I was one year ago, I feel light years away from that woman. Life is a roller coaster; things can be great then they can be kinda fucked up, then they can be great again. Life happens, but resolutions can help you create a fresh start for a new year. Particularly when it comes to your style, resolutions are the way to go.


“Shopping is great but if you can’t turn around and use those items to make a killer outfit, you may as well “make it rain” right into the trash can.” – Erin Moskal

This is why I think you need Style Resolutions this year, for self-discovery through fashion. Heck why not have a Style Resurrection? Because if you can’t have fun with your clothes, why do you spend so much money on them? Shopping is great but if you can’t turn around and use those items to make a killer outfit, you may as well “make it rain right” into the trash can. Style isn’t something difficult or exclusive or something you need a lot of training to do.


Setting your own Style Resolutions is a way for you to take control of you closet. Style need not be complicated. It’s not so much about the “what to wear” but the “how to wear it”. How do you wear a tee and jeans, but actually make it interesting? Accessories, you might say. Yes, accessories are key but there’s more to it. You need to “know” I mean really, deep-down, KNOW that what you choose to wear looks amazing and you are rocking it. Those are the outfits that stand out, hell, those are the PEOPLE who stand out. They can give two fucks if you think their outfit looks good, they know it’s good and that’s all that matters.

Why are they sharing it on Instagram or Pinterest if they don’t care who likes it? Because they know you will. The confidence is there and they want to share that with you, they want you to be inspired. So that maybe you too can style yourself into a wonderful masterpiece each and everyday of your life as well.

“Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once and awhile, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


Alright Erin, enough chitchat, where are the tips for creating a year of style resolutions? Well Style Slayers, you want me to cut to the chase? Here they are, my list of PERSONAL Style Goals/Resolutions/Ambitions, whatever you want to call them.

Go Deeper

Someone recently introduced me to the idea of a “Depth Year”, a year to go deeper instead of wider. To really explore the shit you already have kicking around the house, the courses, hobbies and books you’ve already committed to. Buying only what you absolutely need and to delve deeper into appreciating the things that are already part of your life. I like this. Doing almost a full year of weekly Capsule Wardrobes, has allowed me to slow down on my shopping habit, to wear every single item of clothing I own and really begin to use my creativity when it comes to my style.

So this year I am challenging myself, and you to go deeper. To wear what we have, to get inspired to find new ways to wear our wardrobes and to create Capsule Wardrobes that will inspire others. Cutting down on shopping doesn’t hurt either and it does get easier I promise.

In 2019, I am doing a three month “Thrift Store Challenge” where I will only buy secondhand items (if needed) for the first three months of the year (excluding undergarments and socks). After that I will choose to continue or do a one-for-one challenge (for every new item I have to donate and old item).

Find The Sweet Spot

Who’s going to get you motivated to choose these Capsule Wardrobes, to outfit plan and maybe even chronicle your OOTD? Well other than me, your faithful Style Whisperer. Hint, it’s you. If you want to put together a kickass Capsule and have great outfits errryday you’re going to have to put in the work, practice and believe that you’re awesome.

Learning to love yourself, body, mind and soul is more than half the battle. If you can figure out how to think you’re amazing no matter what lies you’ve been told in the past, you’re well on your way to looking amazing, on the Gram or otherwise.


No Stylist

We both know you don’t need someone to tell you how to get dressed, you’ve been doing it since you were in preschool. It does, however, help to read articles like this one, enlist the help of a stylish friend or take to the pages of Pinterest for inspiration when you’re feeling stuck in a style rut.

The main ingredient in any good outfit is always going to be confidence. It’s not what you’re wearing but how you’re wearing it. So make sure to come correct every single time you get dressed with you fiercest attitude and self confidence until you’re bursting at the seams. It’s something that can’t be bought in a store or received from others but it can inspire others to cultivate their own confidence and that is a gift that keeps on giving.

Invest In Yo-self

Why not make one of our resolutions this the year to stop buying crappy, “throw away” fast fashion items and start investing in quality pieces. Sure, the instant gratification you’ll get from that “deal” you got at your local trendy shop is a rush. But the novelty of those items wear out almost quicker than the items themselves. Try giving yourself a limit, 2-3 new items a month maybe, and only quality made, sustainably or ethically made items. It may take a bit of practice but eventually you will come to appreciate the less is more approach to shopping and your closet. Not much of a budget this year? Don’t worry, buying thrift or vintage is a good way to find quality designer pieces without dropping major dough. I once found a vintage wool and leather Escada Blazer at Value Village for $19.99! It’s now one of my most-worn and coveted items.

That’s all I have for now ladies. So I want you to absorb it and go forth and conquer your style goals for the new year. New Year, new you. Want more? Why not download my Free Ebook “Slay Your Style”? It’s super easy, all you have to do is enter your email below and then confirm your email address, the download will come by email and you click it. Easy right? Enjoy!

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