How to Make Neutrals Work in Your Wardrobe

A Rainbow World

Life is always better in color right? While that may true, do the same rules apply when it comes to your wardrobe? When it comes to getting dressed in the morning your want three main things; simplicity, speed and style. To achieve this, you need to make sure to plan ahead. By planning your looks in advance, you take the guess work out of getting dressed, which saves you heaps of time.

So how do neutrals figure into this equation? Well, neutrals make outfit planning stupid easy. With less colours to worry about matching you can create sleek looks in less time. Think a palette of only white, black, cream, brown and beige is a bore? No way, it’s classic, minimalistic style; think understated elegance.

Plan It Out

So how can you make sure that your neutral wardrobe meets your style initiatives? The first question to ask yourself is “what style do I want to express,” or even better, “how can I pull off my best style?” Starting with inspiration is the best way to ensure success with out fit planning. Take to Pinterest and search “Neutral Outfits”, “Minimalist Style”, or “Black and White Style”.

One way to promise that all your outfits will be on point is to create a Capsule Wardrobe. A Capsule Wardrobe is a small collection (10-25) of clothing items (pulled from your existing closet) that are used to outfit plan for a period of time (weekly, monthly, seasonally). These items can be chosen to work in combination with one another and may follow a color palette of 3-5 different colors or even a theme.

The Palette Life

This is where neutrals come into the picture. Your color palette should have between 3-5 different colors, more will actually make it harder to create outfits. Too many colors in one outfit can compete, and overwhelm thongs, you’re aiming for continuity. When selecting your Capsule items, try to choose your five favorite items that fall into your chosen color palette (example: black, white, grey and blush). By choosing your favorites you are more likely to wear them and be comfortable.

Continue adding items to your wardrobe using the same color palette, being sure to balance out tops, bottoms and jackets. Adding neutral patterns and textured items is an understated way to make your outfits project style.

Put it together

Once you have all your items, you’ve got your Capsule Wardrobe and you’re ready to Outfit Plan. This is the really fun part because you get to be creative, think outside the box, plan unexpected combinations. Don’t be afraid to clash, the beauty of this process is that everything will work well together, even if it is a bit strange at first. Plan each look starting with one item you love, next pick the complementary piece (if you started with a skirt, next choose a top) add a jacket, sweater, blazer, vest or scarf; some extra layer of fabric you can use to create depth, contrast and potentially warmth.

Finish It Off

Once you have your “base” outfit chosen, move on to accessories (shoes, hats, handbags, jewelry, sunglasses, belts, hair clips, head bands). The key here is to strive for balance and quality. Base the accessories on the look you were trying to achieve, if that’s Minimalist Style then a few pieces dainty gold or silver jewelry would work, if you’re going for a classic, old Hollywood glamour then pile on the pearls. Don’t be afraid to mix styles, think: pretty meets grunge, boho meets minimalist, athletic meets chic.


By adding “themed”, “mashup” or “inspired” looks as part of your Capsule Wardrobe you give yourself the creative reins and endless looks. Now that you’ve got your Capsule chosen, Outfits planned let’s cue the confidence section. What makes the best outfit is the confidence to pull it off. Have love for yourself and your clothing by investing time, effort and money into honing your style.

Please share your style questions, feedback and advice in the comments and keep an eye out for another style post coming soon.


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