Outfit Planning Tips

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Picture a world where you get up on a Monday morning and already know what your going to wear. You’re excited as you step out of the shower, dry yourself off and brush your teeth.

Your anticipation builds as you stride in the direction of your closet. You step inside and look up at your perfectly planned outfit, complete with accessories, you smile as you put it on and stand in from of the mirror as you admire your style. You are filled with a sense of power, possibility and prowess for the day ahead.

Photo by Megan Cameron Photography

You think to yourself that it would be great to feel this way every morning, to always start your day off feeling confident and worthy. You promise yourself that it will, you continue to plan your outfits ahead, to save time, eliminate stress and to look avant-garde no matter what life brings you. You’ve just discovered the Capsule Wardrobe and life will never be the same.

Photo by Megan Cameron Photography

Tip 1:

Start planning with a clean slate. We recommend you have an empty clothing rack or an empty space in your closet to plan your outfits each week.

Tip 2:

Plan one outfit at a time. Focus one outfit planning all aspects from the foundation of one key item (can be a top, pants, skirt, dress, anything) build around that item until you have a full outfit (don’t forget accessories: shoes, a handbag, a belt, a hat and jewellery).

Tip 3:

Plan the outfit to impress yourself. When you dress for others you lose your confidence. When your style is for you and you only you win because it will be infused with self confidence. As a result other people will also be inspired by your look.

Tip 4:

Be different. Ever wonder where trends come from? They come from the small majority of people who are willing to look weird (because their style is unique and not mainstream, yet). If you’re bold enough to wear something that no one else is wearing and wear it with confidence, you’re a trendsetter.

Photo by Megan Cameron Photography

That’s the lot! Hope this is helpful and please feel free to add any tips you have in the comments section.



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