About Me



I started my blog to combine my two favourite things; writing and fashion. Through my blog I hope to reach fellow fashions lovers all over the world; sharing my knowledge and perspective on all things to do with fashion, style and life.


My style is pretty easy-going these days as I am a work-at-home mom, so mostly skinny jeans or leggings with button-down shirts, sweaters, t-shirts and cardigans. I am not afraid of color or pattern and I take some fashion risks when I feel it is necessary. I tend to go for unconventional combinations of classic ther than trendy pieces and I this really works well for me. If I could add one thing to my wardrobe it would be a really high quality, soft organic cotton t-shirt.


I am super thankful for every person who comes on this journey with me, exploring new topics and aspects of this amazing form of self-expression. Please don’t be shy to comment on my posts with your opinion, share on social media and follow by email.


Have a wonderful day!